This program is curated to teach students the ABC's of stock market and their working.

This program will cover all these points:-

1) The 3 W's that will answer clear almost all doubts :
What to choose? i.e. catering to the fact that which sector should be chosen for investing.
Where to invest? Which company gives the most promising results after investment.
Why to invest? why is that company the most suitable choice for investment.

2) For real life risk-free investment experience, students will have to have a demat account. All the necessary information as to how the accoubt has to be made and related information will be given.

3) Registered students will also be taught all about how to study the graphs and trends in share market.

4) Students will be tought how to choose a company for investment and Warren Buffet theory.

5) Live trading and veno sessions on virtual platforms will also be conducted.

6) All doubts regarding these activities will be cleared by the mentor

Important Instructions

After successful registration and payment, your mentor will call you and you will be added to a whatsapp group for further information.