Virtual trading session


Fascinated by the live graphs, shares and Bitcoins? does the word equity, public stock, aggression, bring a frown on your faces? we have our stock market program for you to understand and achieve a basic knowledge of trade and all the Whys, Hows, Ifs and Buts

window to creativity


Watching the advertisement in awe, we all have wondered atleast once, HOW do they make it. Learn about basic tools and functions of photoshop and leave with a knowledge on how to design things on your own. Clear all your doubts regarding art, design and the software in one place!

Inside the world of WEBSITES


All the websites you see are made with the help of codes and design. at webdev program you will learn how to create your own websites and and BYOB! Frontend, backend and required coding algorithms, all done in one place

Coding Your Way to College


if you are a fresher or a coding enthusiast, you know we aren't talking about SNAKES! Get a hold on this coding language, and take the first step in this world The required software and the codes will be taught to you by the best!